Healing hands while healing the land

Our Story

In 2018, 120 acres of industrial land was donated to help Veterans and Veterans’ ETC was created. The property was used and abused for decades and left in hazardous condition, now is the time to heal this land. That is where Veterans’ ETC comes in, we are dedicated to serving our Veterans through healing the land. This unique Thurston County property is composed of 70 acres of prairie and rare Garry Oak Savanna habitat, and 50 acres of forested wetlands. A wide variety of animals flock to our land and we are working to make it hospitable for them and our Veterans.  

Veterans are taking their own lives at astonishing rates. We as a nation need to support our Veterans better, and Veterans’ ETC stands to do just that. We offer trade training in not only ecological and conservation fields, but in many fields across the board. Working with local partners we help Veterans envision and build a viable business plan, then give them the physical space to start the career of their dreams.  Giving Veterans not only purpose, knowledge, and financial wellbeing but also a community and network to support their transition into civilian life. 

  Our brothers and sisters in arms risked their lives to defend our country at all costs. When they return to civilian life, they deserve to fall into the safety net that is Veterans’ ETC. We honor all Veterans.


Empower veterans with infrastructure and resources for developing financial well-being and employable skills.  


Training and community partnerships that reintegrate veterans into the civilian world.  


Prevention of veteran suicide through purpose, nature and community.

Working together to learn a skill that builds a future.

One of our immediate goals is to engage veterans through beekeeping. It is a proven fact that keeping honey bees helps with PTSD and other anxiety diagnoses. Our plan is to teach veterans how to keep honey bees and getting them certified by the Washington State Beekeepers Association. Through this endeavor we hope to create career opportunities by allowing them to set up apiaries at our site while creating space for them to grow at their own pace. We will also refer the veteran to outside services to help in the process. 

Whether you choose beekeeping as a career or not, the reward of caring for one of God’s most interesting creation is unexplainable. For more information contact us at [email protected]

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